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Our work

Our activities take place across Kirklees in a wide variety of locations and events. We work with a variety of age groups and additional needs and disabilities. More information about our three main projects can be found here.

Businesses and Organisations can get involved with Growing works in various ways:

Corporate and individual sponsorship is welcome at various levels. This vitual supports can help us in many ways, it could provide outdoor clothing and footwear for a vulnerable family, or larger donations can fund a support worker for new families attending Sprout.

You can find out more about becoming a corporate sponsor or making a donation here

Hiring out Pod

We can provide lunchtime workshops for staff to support their wellbeing through simple growing and outdoor activities within the grounds of businesses. These can be tailored towards what staff are interested in; for example planting, nurturing and harvesting salad vegetables for their sandwiches.

Our team building workshops are designed to develop relationships between junior and more senior staff, or to help new staff settle into a new role within a team.

Training and Workshops

We can provide training and workshops to organisations and professionals in our area of expertise. Whether this is for example improving communication with families, learning about therapeutic horticulture in your existing or new setting.

More information about our training and workshops can be found here.


Volunteering by staff at other organisations is most welcome at any of our midweek or weekend sessions. We particularly value the creative or technical skills of other businesses and organisations in any aspect of our Growing works. Whether this is helping us with advertising or fundraising, or supporting our team’s development.

To express an interest in volunteering with Growing works click here.

Becoming a trustee at Growing works

Growing works became a registered charity in early 2015 and this is a fantastic opportunity for staff or management of other businesses or organisations, who are interesting in supporting a newly formed charity, to become one of our trustees. Our board of trustees meet on a three montly basis in a very informal and friendly atmosphere. If you are interested in becoming one of our trustees click here.

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