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What do community gardens offer?

We support two community gardens.  One at Almondbury Library and the other at Dalton Library.  We love these peaceful spaces with a mix of edible and ornamental plants, open for all to enjoy.  They offer a space to garden, be mindful, and find community but to hear independent views on what they offer take a look at the clips and quotes below…

Almondbury Garden link – click here

“I like to visit after a stressful day at work.  It’s quiet and relaxing”

“It’s nice to see people from a distance while your here gardening, wave hello. You get a sense of community here”

Home Made Plant Food and Mulch…

In this video chat Rachel and Kim discuss feeding and mulching for free using common plants and garden waste.  All great for the garden, the gardening budget and of course the environment! Check out the link below…

Plant Food and Mulch video


Controlling Slugs without poison…

So everything is growing brilliantly in the sunshine, lettuces are looking great,  seedlings are appearing, but then overnight – devastation.  It’s so disappointing when the slugs make a feast of your crops.  There are a number of things that you can try without using slug pellets.  Have a listen to Rachel chatting with Kim about alternative ways to control the slug damage.

Click here for slug control ideas


Photos from our projects

Please enjoy our videos of SPROUT around Kirklees:

This one was put together by the talented Bethany McAspurn at Wide Eyed Girl Productions.

This was put together by Sprout participants with the support of Jack Masterson.



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